Kinder and Pre-Kinder weekly activities from January 18th to January 22

Song/ rhyme/book
Put me in the zoo
Sight word
I-                 See- the
Phonics:  letter N, n
Net, necklace, nurse, nine
Pockets vocabulary:
Unit 5:  zoo animals
Unit 6: clothes for all weather
I see the:  lion, seal, zebra, giraffe, elephant,
I see my sweater, socks, t-shirt,

Numbers  16,17,18
Write numbers from 1-18
Christian Education Class
Jesus offered bread and wine
Pre- Kinder weekly topics
From January 18th  to January 22
Pockets Vocabulary: 
Unit 6: my clothes
Pants, shoes, socks, dress
Preschool skills
Same and different
Numbers 1 to 5

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