Kinder and Pre -Kinder weekly activites from Februrary 15th to February 19th

Song/ rhyme/book
 Mary had a little lamb
Sight word
I like my
Phonics:  letter R,r
Ring, rose, rug, rooster ,rainbow
Pockets vocabulary:

Unit 7: Foods we like

I like to eat apple.
I like to eat bananas.
I like to eat corn.

Math  :  place value
Write the number that tells how many there are.
Christian Education Class
Jesus sang  with the Disciples

Pre- Kinder weekly topics
From February 15th  to February 19th
Pockets Vocabulary: 
Unit 7: party food
Cake, pizza, lemonada
Preschool skills
Identify same circles, same triangles
Counting 1 through 5

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