kinder and pre-kinder weekly activities from March 7th to March 11th

Song/ rhyme/book
Hockey pockey
Sight word
In, out
Phonics:  letter T, t
Table, turtle, turkey, tree, tiger
Pockets vocabulary:

Unit 8:  our neighborhood

I see the restaurant.
I see the fire station.
I see the  fire truck.

Math  : Addition
Write the number that tells how many animals there are in all.
Christian Education Class
Jesus ate with the Disciples

Pre- Kinder weekly topics
From March 7th to March 11th
Pockets Vocabulary: 
Unit 8: Around my home
Swings, slide, tricycle, park, apartments, store
Preschool skills
Recognizing things that do not belong in each group
Counting 1 through 10

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