Kinder and Pre-Kinder weekly activities from December 7th to December 11th

Song/ rhyme
I am a little angel
Sight word
I-                 See- the
Phonics:  letter K, k
Key, kite, kangaroo, king
Pockets vocabulary:
Unit 4:  people we know/  tall and short/ happy, sad
My mother is happy.
My father is sad.
My cousin is short.

Math: number through 1- 12
Circle the number that tells how many objects are in the set
Christian Education Class
Christmas time
Pre- Kinder weekly topics
From December 7th to December 11th
Pockets Vocabulary: 
Unit 4: my family
My mother is tall.
My father is tall.
Preschool skills
Long short
Numbers 1 through 5

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