Pre-Kinder evaluation week from December 11th to December 17th

                                               Saint Mary’s Episcopal School
                                        Pre- Kinder evaluation week  II partial
From December 11th to December 17th

Friday December  11th  :  

Make the right half look like the left.

Examples are pasted on the notebook
Monday  December 14th  : Big and Little
(The page is pasted on the notebook)

Color the big animal, circle the little animal…
  Example page # 84
Tuesday  December 15th :
 Pockets vocabulary: My toys
Unit 3:  My toys:
Puppet, train, teddy bear, doll, boat

Wednesday December  16th

Pockets vocabulary: My family

Unit 4:  My family:

My mother is tall.
My father is tall.
My brother is short.
My sister is short.
I love my grandparents.
Thursday December 17th  :

Math : numbers from 1-5
Count the number of candles; paste the correct numeral in the dotted lines.

(The example is pasted on the notebook.)

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